May 2019

Anna's paper on early-life stress and neural maturation (Tyborowska (2018) was at place 14 of the top 100 read papers of scientific reports. 

Congrats Anna :)

January 2019

I am excited to have started on the Ideas 2 Impact initiative at Said Business school. Time to learn more about innovation from Prof Ventresca and Dr Helanummi-Cole.

December 2018

Another paper accepted with the fantastic Heidelberg team. Especially thanks to Katja for pulling this amazing project.

Title: Out of control? Acting out anger is associated with deficient prefrontal emotional action control in male patients with borderline personality disorder
And the link to the paper: Bertsch (2018)

November 2018

Time for the first weekend of the RisingWISE programme

A five day programme for enterprising early-career researchers bridging research and industry across Oxford, Cambridge and the rest of the UK. 

June 2018

Anna's paper on early life stress and pubertal stress effects on grey matter development is out. 

Title: Early-life and pubertal stress differentially modulate grey matter development in human adolescents
        Tyborowska A, Volman I, Niermann HCM, Pouwels JL, Smeekens S, Cillessen AHN, Toni I, Roelofs K (2018) Scientific Reports

Here is the link to the paper: Tyborowska (2018)

March 2018

I started as a mentor for the 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures programme. This is a unique programme designed to support young women interested in STEM from the New York Academy of Sciences

December 2017

My eNeuro paper on psychopathy and prefrontal-amygdala connectivity was the most popular research summary on Neuronline - the Society for Neurosciences - see here.

September 2017

Katja's beautiful paper on borderline personality disorder was just accepted in the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience! 

Thanks so much to this great collaboration with Katja Bertsch and Sabine Herpertz from Heidelberg University.

Title: Neural Correlates of Emotional Action Control in Anger-Prone Women with Borderline Personality Disorder 
         Katja Bertsch, Karin Roelofs, Paul Jonathan Roch, Bo Ma, Saskia Hensel, Sabine C. Herpertz, Inge Volman


And it is almost time for ISSPD in Heidelberg. I am looking forward to it!

Laura Elise Muller and I will be chairing a session on the role of emotional action tendencies for interpersonal dysfunctions featuring Jill Lobbestael and Birgit Derntl. 
Check out our session at the 27th on 17.00.

March 2017

Our eNeuro paper on offenders with psychopathy has been featured at Neuronline. Check it out here    

February 2017

Sina's paper has been accepted in PNEC!

Title: Oxytocin reduces amygdala response during threat approach
        Radke S, Volman I, Kokal I, Roelofs K, de Bruijn ERA, Toni I. (2017) Psychoneuroendocrinology

You can find the paper here

January 2017

Back from maternity leave! Ready for some cool science again.

June 2016

Anna's work has been cited in public media

And non-English science news websites: Scientific RussiaNoticia Alternativa, Psyquiatria



Congratulations to Reinoud, who's book chapter has been accepted

Title: On the control of social approach-avoidance behavior: neural and endocrine mechanisms
Authors: Reinoud Kaldewaij, Saskia B.J. Koch, Inge Volman, Ivan Toni, Karin Roelofs 

April 2016

Anna's paper has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Neuroscience!!!

Using an fMRI-adapted social Approach-Avoidance (AA) task, this study identifies how the neural regulation of emotional action-control changes as a function of human pubertal development, indexed by testosterone levels, in 14-year-old adolescents. Adolescents with more advanced pubertal maturation showed greater aPFC
activity when controlling their emotional action tendencies, reproducing the same pattern consistently observed in adults. In contrast, adolescents of the same age but with less
advanced pubertal maturation showed greater pulvinar and amygdala activity when exerting similarly effective emotional control. The pulvinar and the amygdala are therefore suggested as the ontogenetic precursors of the mature control system centered on the anterior prefrontal cortex.

Tyborowska et al. (2016) JNeuro

Title: "Testosterone during puberty shifts emotional control from pulvinar to anterior prefrontal cortex".
Authors: Anna Tyborowska, Inge Volman, Sanny Smeekens, Ivan Toni & Karin Roelofs.
Full article: link

March 2016

Dirk Geurts published in SCAN on the neural correlates underlying psychopathy, criminality and reward expectancy!

Title: Neural connectivity during reward expectation dissociates psychopathic criminals from noncriminal individuals with high impulsive/antisocial psychopathic traits
Dirk Geurts, Katinka von Borries, Inge Volman, Berend Bulten, Roshan Cools & Robbert-Jan Verkes    

You can find the full article here: researchgate

February 2016

This was an exciting month. Two new publications and a grant awarded!

        I received the BA/Leverhulme small research grant. £999
9,- for my research on "Understanding Emotional Actions 
        in Anxiety and Aggression".

Prefrontal - amygdala connectivity is reduced in psychopathic offenders during control of emotional actions

Check our two new publications!

On psychopathic offenders in eNeuro:  
Title: Testosterone modulates altered prefrontal control of emotional actions in psychopathic offenders
Inge Volman, Katinka von Borries, Erik Bulten, Robbert Jan Verkes, Ivan Toni, Karin Roelofs

Prefrontal-amygdala connectivity is reduced in 
psychopathic offenders during control of emotional actions

On tDCS of emotional behaviour in Brain Stimulation [link]

Title: Reduced affective biasing of instrumental action with tDCS over the prefrontal cortex
Verena Ly, Til Ole Bergman, Thomas Gladwin, Inge Volman, Niccolo Usberti, Roshan Cools and Karin Roelofs

January 2016

Sven and I had a lovely meeting between NTT and UCL in Tokyo, Japan. I gave a talk featuring my new work.

December 2015
My work has been featured in the Horizon magazine, the European Union's Research and Innovation Magazine 
Check it out!      

September 2015

'Science of the mind' event at Canford School (link)  

May 2015

6 May: I presented at the Marie Curie Action Information event organised by UKRO.

9-10 May: Magstim Neuroscience Conference 2015 in Oxford. I will be presenting here. 


Paper by Dr. Sina Radke accepted in Science Advances!

Sina Radke, Inge Volman, Pranjal Mehta, Veerle van Son, Dorien Enter, Alan Sanfey, Ivan Toni, Ellen R. A. de Bruijn, Karin Roelofs

Title: "Testosterone biases the amygdala towards social threat approach"

March 2015

the University of Vienna.

13 March: I will talk at the Social Brain seminar, King's College London. They created this beautiful poster.

February 2015

I got a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship from the European Commission!  


This enables me to perform research in the group of Sven Bestmann for the coming 2 years.

January 2015

I started working as an Honorary Research Associated in Dr. Bestmann's group again after my maternity leave. 

Luke Verhagen was born on 22 august 2014!

December 2014

Dual fMRI paper accepted in PNAS!

Stolk A, Noordzij ML, Verhagen L, Volman I, Schoffelen JM, Oostenveld R, Hagoort P, and Toni I.

On "How minds meet. Cerebral coherence between communicators marks the emergence of meaning".

July 2014
Inauguration of Prof. Ivan Toni. This special event took place at the Radboud University Nijmegen.  

April 2014

Poster presentation at the annual conference of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society 

Talk at the lab of Dr. Tor Wager